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 [AD] oFFmu Season 12 Episode 2 X1000 Grand Opening 15 December

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ПисанеЗаглавие: [AD] oFFmu Season 12 Episode 2 X1000 Grand Opening 15 December   Вто Дек 12, 2017 9:36 am

[size=18]Server will be opened 15th December 17:00 Servertime


The best PvP/PvE mu online server created and maintained by proffessional developers with a passion for Mu Online. Here you will have the best content on the top of the best hardware.

Welcome to the mu online server you have been looking for! You might be asking yourself, why should i join them and what makes them so different than any other of the many servers around? And well, its simple, after many years of developing/balancing and actually playing mu online, we know what we want to accomplish and what we are capable of. We are here to deliver you the best stability and high performance available. Our server is powered by latest IGC Files and we are going to make best of it.

We are professional developers with over 10 years of experience in developing mu online servers, so we have learned a lot and we can contend that we know what players want to see in the game. It will be not just adding custom elements and events, but actually encouraging you to play the game on an active manner to make a progression. We want you to enjoy every aspect of a game that can offer you so much more than just leveling, wich is where every mu online server fails. This will be an adventure in wich you will face many obstacles and where you will actually see your character evolving into what you have worked for and what you dreamed off.

What do we want to accomplish?

First, we are here to deliver a true play 2 win mu online server!. What does that means? You wont be able to buy any kind of items for cash - simply no webshop. Our main priority is to balance gameplay between donators vs free users. We also want you to progress based on PvP and PvM wich means that you wont be able to become the best player just by afking or buying VIP statuss, you will need to prove yourself in many ways.

We want you to be competitive, to fight for that loot on that boss, to fight for the castle,to make your own team for illusion temple, to make a perfectly balanced party to defeat that one boss that everyone wants to kill. We know how to make this possible, we have the experience for it. So basically, this will not be the usual mu online experience you have seen around, it will be so much more, a long-term, worth investing your time, fun and unique experience.

Useful Links

Website: www.offmu.com

Forum: http://community.offmu.com

Registration: www.offmu.com/registration

Downloads: www.offmu.com/downloads

Launching and Beta Testing

Server Official Launch Date: 15.12.2017

Open Beta Test Available on: 11.15.2017

If you have already noticed, or not we have posted only most important information about server here, all detailed information about our mu online server will be posted in our forum during OBT ( Open Beta Test).

Version: Season 12 Episode 2

Max Level: 400

Max Master Level: 520

Max Stats: 32767

Points Per Level: 5/7

All characters from level 1

Item Drop :

Experience Settings

Normal Experience: 1000x

Master Level Experience: 70x

Event Experience: 2000x

Party Experience: 1250x

Reset Settings

Reset Level: 400

Max Resets: 250

Reset Points: 500

Reset Stats: Yes

Reset Price: 5kk x Reset Count

Reset Rewards: 5 W-Coins

Grand Reset Settings

Grand Reset: 250 Resets

Grand Reset Reward 1: 1000 W-Coins

Grand Reset Reward 2: 1 Item + 2 Options


  • New Map: Nixies Lake

  • New Sets:Holyangel Mastery Set

  • New Weapons: Darkangel Weapons

  • New Class Improvement

  • New Map Ferea new!

  • Darkangel Mastery Set new!

  • Bloodangel Weapon new!

  • Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon new!

  • Character information Window Improvements

  • New Skills

  • Elemental System Update

  • New Socket Items

  • Socket System Expansion

  • New&Upgraded Pentagrams

  • Hunting Log

Every single mu online game event will have unique configuration, event thos events wich are not listed, latest items and ruud points will be available in last events.


  • Nixie Battle Event

  • Ferea Battle Event

  • Labyrinth of Dimenstion

  • Last Man Standing

  • Lord Silvester Boss

  • Loren Deep Event

  • Medusa Event

  • Santa Claus Event

  • Raklion of Hatchery Event



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Level 1
Level 1

Брой мнения : 11
Join date : 12.11.2011
My Hobbie : MuOnline

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: [AD] oFFmu Season 12 Episode 2 X1000 Grand Opening 15 December   Чет Дек 28, 2017 4:49 pm

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[AD] oFFmu Season 12 Episode 2 X1000 Grand Opening 15 December
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