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 Cataclysm Holy Paladin Guide [4.0.6]

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Cataclysm Holy Paladin Guide [4.0.6]   Пон Дек 17, 2012 8:22 am

This is my Holy Paladin Guide Here ill give out few tips on how to improve your healing as a paladin.

1)Talents and Glyphs:

Talents - This is my Talents build you can allso see what glyphs i am using in it.

With this build i do enaugh healing to keep up the tank and the raid and myself at the same time even if we take alot of damage.

2)Rotation:Rotation is the basic way of using your skills so that you deliver the maximum amount of dps or healing depending on your role.

Healer allmost never had a rotation you just used your spells depending on the situation,but in cataclysm if you just spamm your most powerful heals like back at Wotlk you would just run OOM in a matter of seconds.
So thankfully paladins now have a 2nd resourse for using some of theyre spells wich is Holy Power.
So basicly the spells you will be mostly using are Holy Light,Holy Shock and Word of Glory.
-Holy Light - Your spamm heal now.
-Holy Shock - Each time you get the chance.
-Word of Glory - Mostly when you have 3 stacks of Holy Power(Has a chance to be cast without consuming any Holy Power thanks tothe Talent Build we are using [Eternal Glory- 30% chance for your Word of Glory to not consume Holy Power])
-Divine Light - Use mostly when Holy Shock procs [Infusion of Light]
-JoL[Judgement of Light] - Use each time you get the chance it helps keeping your mana up.
-Holy Radians - Use when the raid/group is taking alot of AoE Damage.(works geat when combined with Avenging Wrath).
-Flash of Light - Use ONLY when you are unable to keep up with the damage and only like a few Flashes not more cause you will run OOM in no time.
-Divine Plea - Now that,thats a double bladed edge for healers as it retains your mana it allso reduces the healing done by your spells.So when used it might be a good time to allso pop a CD or two.
-Guiardian of the Anciant Kings - This is one of your awesome Pally CD's as a healer when you use it,it helps you heal by allso healing the same target for the same amount.
I mighthave forgotten something but these are your basic skills as a Holy Paladin and thats how they work and what is the best situation to use them.

3) Gems and Enchants. - Basic Gems and Enchants you will use.

1/2) Gems:
-Meta:Revitalizing Shadow Spirit Diamond[+54 Spirt and 3% increased Critical Healing Effect.]
-Red:Ether Brilliant Inferno Ruby{+40 Intellect] or Purified Demonseye[+20 Intellect and +20 Spirit] (Depending on that if you fell sure in your skill to keep your mana up or not)
-Yellow:Ether Potent Ember Topaz[+20 Intellect and + 20 Critical strike Rating] or Reckless Ember Topaz [+20 Intellect and +20 Haste Rating]
-Blue:You can use Sparkling Ocean Sapphire[+40 Spirit] if you feel like you can keep your mana up,but if you do feel confident use Purified Demenseye [+20 Intellect and +20 Spirit]
Apperantly what I've noticed is that paladins are doing good enaugh at regaining mana if used correctly so they don't need that much spirit they could benifit more from Intellect wich will increse the healing amount dealt.


-Head:Arcanum of Hyjal(Obtained by Guardins of Hyjal Quatermanster
-Shoulder:Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone(Obtained by Therazane Quatermanster
-Back:Greater Intellect +50
-Chest:Peerless Stats + 20 to all
-Bracer:Mighty Intellect +50
-Weapon:Power Torrent or Hearthsong
-Shield/OffHand:Greater Intellect +25
-Gloves:Haste +50
-Belt:Ebonstell Beltbuckle
-Boots:Haste +50
I hope this will help players who are having trouble with Holy Paladins!!!

All rights reserved by s1n4oto
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Cataclysm Holy Paladin Guide [4.0.6]
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